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The comprehensive list of FAQs for garage door repair

Are my kids in danger by the garage door?

The truth is that garage doors are huge and unpredictable as most machines and kids are unpredictable and naughty, too. You would have peace of mind if you keep them away from the garage, keep the remote controls off of their hands and teach them the threats of the garage door. You must also check all garage door parts often focusing on the perfect condition and operation of the sensors.

How can I reinforce the security of the garage door?

You need to make sure the garage door is maintained often, the mechanical garage door parts are lubricated frequently and all garage door repairs are done on time. Beyond these major steps, you could install more light sensors, cameras and alarm systems right at the entrance of the garage. You need to replace the opener often adding the new safety features and rely on the quickness and technology of new remote controls.

Which garage doors are cheaper?

Garage door prices vary according to materials and sizes. Garage Door Repair Hemet would say that the cheapest option among garage doors would be the aluminum ones. This is a soft material subject to dents and that's why it's not expensive. If you get aluminum, non-insulated garage doors without making other changes, they will come cheap.

A moving part of the garage door is broken! What do I do?

While garage door maintenance often prevents these situations, sometimes it can’t be helped. If it is a small moving part, simply replacing that part should solve the problem. If it is one of the larger pieces then perhaps repair would be the right course of action.

Can I have custom made doors?

Of course, you can have your garage doors made to your own preferences. You can choose the style, material, type, windows, and every little bit that will make it distinguishable. On the other hand, it will cost you more and it's good to take a look of what's in the market first because there are numerous choices.

Is there a basic test that I can conduct on my garage door opener?

The experts at Garage Door Repair Hemet recommend that you test your door openers’ reversing feature on a monthly basis. Another test that can be done would be a photo eye test that would require you to wave any item in front of the photo eyes. This should cause the garage doors to reverse.

What do I do when the door does not close?

The main reason for garage doors not closing is problems with the reverse system. So, check the sensors first. Make sure the opener is powered and the motor is alright. The assistance of our team in Hemet will be valuable. It might also be a problem with damaged tracks so make sure to check them as well.

I have kids and pets running around, how can I make sure they're safe near the garage?

The new garage door openers come with fail safes that make it a lot safer for pets and young children. One of the most important safety mechanisms is the photo eye. If a child or pet trips the photo sensor that monitors the doorway, the door will retract. This is similar to the action of the reverse sensors that promptly retracts the doors up if they hit something.


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