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A concise and practical list of garage door repair. Get straight to the business of home maintenance.

Take care of squeaky garage doors

When garage doors start to emit unbearable squeaks,it may mean that a few parts need to be replaced. The experts at Garage Door Repair Hemet say that with proper maintenance procedure and replacement of a few loose spare parts, it will go back to the smooth opening and closing, minus the noise.

Keep your garage door clean and moisture free

Keep your garage door clean by wiping it with soap and water using a soft cloth. Make sure to keep your garage door free from moisture and dirt by coating it with car wax.

Force setting test

It is important to test the force setting of the garage door opener and here's a quick way to do it. Hold the bottom of the door as it starts to close, if the door does not reverse immediately, then the force is probably too much and needs to be adjusted. Use the manufacturer's manual to see how this can be done and test the reversing feature again.

Make sure to get the right components

Garage door parts come in different sizes and materials according to Garage Door Repair Hemet. Make sure to choose the right dimensions. If you choose shorter extension springs, for example, you might need to replace the cables. If you get nylon garage door rollers, be ready to replace them again soon because they don't last too long.

Keep track of the time and schedule

Following the periodic maintenance check-up and servicing of your garage door is very important. Do not miss a scheduled appointment for garage door service by taking note of the dates on your calendar or planner. The details are usually written on a sticker found under the cover of the garage door opener or somewhere easily visible.

Painting your garage door

Planning to change the appearance of your garage door? Painting it fresh with a matching color can be a great idea for this purpose. Since the painting process requires considerable precision and preparedness, like application of primer, preparation of the right tools and equipment and even painting, it is advisable to get a professional opinion on the matter.

Never let kids play with the opener remote

This can pose great danger to them and to other people and to property as well. It is best to keep remotes on higher shelves at home where kids cannot reach them. It is best if you carry your clicker only in a zipped compartment inside a bag. You should avoid leaving it in the car. Explain the danger of playing with the remote controls to your children.


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