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Overhead Garage Door Adjustment

Garage door maintenance and installation is our business, and we proudly offer services on repairs and part replacements for any system as well. If you are in need of reliable and professional services for but feel unsure, read the testimonials of our customers and learn just how great our service is.

Reliable and Transparent Service

“One of the biggest fears when calling out a technician is that they will take advantage of my lack of knowledge, to try and squeeze a bit more money out of you. With Garage Door Repair in Hemet these fears were gone. When they quoted me for getting various parts in my broken motor system replaced, they gave me a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what needs fixing, where it was broken, and how much each part and the service would cost. It’s always a pleasure to see that there are still businesses out there that are honest, and have the clients’ best interests at heart.”

Opener Installation Service of Top Quality

"Since the children's bedroom in our new house is above the garage, we decided to get a quiet belt drive garage door opener. After doing some research, we picked this company for the installation job as they offered assistance with choosing the unit too. We were more than pleased with the help we got from the specialists of Garage Door Repair in Hemet. They helped us to compare several models by providing lots of technical information and advice. We made the best choice thanks to them. The technician delivered our new LiftMaster opener exactly as promised and installed it very quickly. He adjusted the limits and force completely accurately. I recommend this service to everyone for its quality."

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