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Garage Door Repair

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

Many things can cause the door to your garage to malfunction. Broken springs and worn out belts on the electric garage door opener are just two of many.

Broken Springs

One or both of the springs that assist in raising and lowering the door panel can break. Sometimes they do not break, but become dislodged from the track in which they reside. Occasionally, this can be remedied by the homeowner. You can find replacement door springs that suit your style of entry system from its manufacturer or you may need to replace the whole door if it is obsolete. When this option becomes a necessity, you can always get assistance from garage door repair Hemet.

Garage Door Opener Electronics

The solid-state electronics in the motor, receiver, and transmitter of a modern electronic garage door opener can sometimes malfunction. This is something that cannot easily be addressed by the homeowner. If a keypad is installed on the outside of the house, there are even more electronics with which to deal with. It may be as simple as changing a battery or a fuse.

Broken Doors

Time and wear can cause even the sturdiest hinge to break or function badly. A repair can be as simple as replacing a hinge or another component once you have isolated and identified the fault so that you can remedy the problem.

Tune Ups and Safety Checks

Many households prefer to head off problems before they occur. Scheduling a once-a-year safety check can ensure the continued safe operation of the electronic opener. A tune-up may involve lubricating the springs, checking the safety sensors, and tightening chains or belts. Replacing bad bolts and nuts can also assure the homeowner of trouble-free service for another year.

Specialist Work

Modern servicing requirements may be difficult to complete yourself because of the style of manufacture of the door to your garage and how components are made and fitted to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.  Older door systems may be easier to repair, if you can find replacement parts.  While some work can be completed yourself, at other times, due to time constraints or lack of technical ability, it makes sense to consider your options.  Always investigate the causes of your garage door faults so that you don not have to go through the repair again.

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