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Types of Garage Door Openers

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

Garage door openers are responsible for closing and opening garage doors. These openers basically come in three types and you can choose the one that you think will suit you perfectly depending on how the openers work. Different residents of Hemet have chosen openers depending on their preferences. Here is a little information about each type of garage door opener to help you settle on an opener of your choice.

Chain driven openers

Some people in California prefer chain drive garage door openers. They do this because this garage door opener makes the garage door moves easily and does not require a lot of effort to open and close the garage door. If your garage is situated near the bedroom or a place where the noise from the chains moving will be a nuisance to you, you should consider another type of door opener.

Belt driven openers

This garage door is opened using a chain like belt. The belts that are used to open the garage doors are made using different types of materials. They move in the same way as the chain driven openers but are quieter and can be placed on garages that are close to bedrooms. They are a little bit costly than the chain driven doors but they are worth the cost because they are very efficient.

Screw drive openers

There are garage door openers that are opened using screw drivers. These openers work with screw drivers. It is the screw drivers that move up and down to open the garage door. These screw driven garage door openers were very common in the past. They are meant for garage doors that have low maintenance costs. If you are not sure which garage door opener to settle for, you can consult a garage door company so that the experts who work here can tell you which type of opener is the best opener for the type of garage door that you want and for your house as well as the location of your garage door in the home. The type of garage door opener that you settle for should be one which you are comfortable with and which you think you can be able to handle.

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